Gender Roles In Modern Society

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Mass media play a very significant and determinant role in a contemporary world, by broadcasting and communicating information in fast pace and at the same time entertaining vast audiences. Mass media have a tremendous impact on the structure and history of our society due to the fact that they can influence and shape public opinion, determine political agendas, affect socialization and create a relationship between people and government. They consist of television, press, internet, radio and books and they became one of the main sources of popular culture in the modern capitalist society. Media’s role, however, is not only to offer news and entertainment but also to transfer and cultivate a variety of social stereotypes, beliefs and values…show more content…
Stereotypes about gender are the most prolific pattern of stereotyping in media due to the fact that they are more widely accepted by the public opinion. Through the ages, men have been perceived as strong, independent, decision-makers, financial providers, the “backbone” of the family and women considered to be the ones who have diminished career aspirations and are responsible for raising the children and do all the housework. Media did portray some examples based on these exact stereotypes. In the televisions shows of 1950’s to the 1970’s (such as “I love Lucy” and “Leave it to Beaver”) women were typically portrayed as boring full-time housewives, dressed with high-heels and pearls that didn’t have real interests. The shows used to picture these women as unemployed people who take care of their children and were waiting their breadwinner husbands to return from job. In other words men’s roles were far more various, interesting and vital than women’s were. Another significant fact is the findings of several analysis studies, conducted by Gunter (1995) and Elasmar (1999), and counted the predominance of men and women in important TV speaking roles. The findings showed that in 1950’s, 1960’s and in 1970’s only 20-30% of characters were female. By the mid-1980’s, there were more women in leading roles but still there were twice as men on screen. Eventually through the passage of years and due to the social evolution women now have more rights and possibilities. The social movements that began in 1960’s, including Feminism and Civil Rights movement, redefined woman’s position in the social and political background. Women’s roles continued to be contextualized through a masculine framework but this time women were more focus

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