Gender Roles In Movies

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Everyone has different personalities but interestingly, most of the people have tried to become identical recently. They just follow the instructions of who they should be as much as they saw in the media instead of discovering their true selves. These instructions are mainly created by society and people are getting these instructions mostly in movies and in other media channels. Most of them can be called as gender roles which means the spesific attitudes and behaviors given by society to people regarding on their biological sexes. Gender roles and also stereotypes have an enormous impact on people’s lives since it shapes everyone’s identities and lifestyles. After media became that important and in everywhere, these gender roles and stereotypes have been spread much more and they became inevitable. The main question that is media only reinforcing the strereotypes or is it also adding new stereotypes ? Adorno claims that this culture which people see in the media is not created by society, it was created by the mass media owners and with the huge consumption of people, it became a culture (Gauntlett, 2008,23). The only certain thing in that point is that gender roles are in everywhere and everyone is gettting affected by them. Especially in the movies, these gender roles are coded so well and it is really hard for audiences to decode it. However, lately, some of the movies also challenged with these stereotypes as well such as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) and Elektra

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