Argumentative Essay About Women

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Men have always said that women are a difficult species. This phrase has continued to be mentioned for many centuries nevertheless, no gender can survive alone nor be superior to the other. From Jeannette Rankin, women’s rights advocate, to Hillary Clinton, the first woman to become a presidential nominee of a major political party, they and many others have been in an environment run by men worked to show their abilities to be a part of the government and can be acknowledged as women who are mentally stronger than they once were. Women in politics are judged because of their age and gender which, may make them feel the need to climb various milestones to obtain positions in politics. Throughout history, women have not been treated equal because at a point in time they weren’t allowed to vote, weren’t allowed to have a word about anything, and were against discrimination. From 1840 to 1920 women were not allowed to vote which caused them to stand up for themselves. Women came together to start The National Woman Suffrage Association hoping they…show more content…
Women weren’t able to be apart of a jury until 1968. They wanted to keep women from the things going on in the world. There were different crimes they didn’t want them to know that were brought to court. The crimes such as rape, murder, and cases that had to deal with other women were what they wanted women to be oblivious to. They also weren’t able to be lawyers. Even if they went to school for it and passed their test, they weren’t allowed to represent someone until they were given the right to in 1971. Men had their different reasons of why women shouldn’t be able to fight for someone’s freedom. One being because they thought they couldn’t and the other is because they thought women should stay home to take care of the house and kids. Although women weren’t allowed to do many things, they’ve overcome their
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