Gender Stereotypes In Pride And Prejudice

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Good morning Miss Sibisi and Mrs Snyman. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to give my opinion on whether I feel the following books: Pride and Prejudice, Far From The Madding Crowd, I Am Malala and Aman, are suitable for inclusion in our school library. I have come to a conclusion as to whether I see any of these novels as gender stereotyped and whether or not they would positively contribute to a youth’s perspective on gender roles in today’s society. The novel Pride and Prejudice is one that was written in the days where women were restricted in many ways as they were unable to gain financial independence. The protagonist of this novel – Miss Elizabeth Bennet – breaks away from expectations of her to marry as a means of finding financial security. She portrays a view of wanting to marry for love as seen in the novel when she rejects the marriage proposal of her wealthy cousin – Mr Collins. Elizabeth is portrayed as an intelligent woman. She takes advantage of her right to an education and prides herself in her reading. Mr Darcy, her love interest, goes against the stereotypical depiction of men in the novel. Most men are depicted…show more content…
As a female scholar in Pakistan she was under attack by the harsh policies of the Taliban who are a group of fundamentalists that do not agree with her receiving an education. Nonetheless, Malala adopts the view that women are equal to men and risks her safety in order to stand for this cause. She does not allow herself to conform to expectations and does not allow society to restrict her. In the same way she idolizes figures such as her dad who believe in the equality of the sexes. Thus this novel would be perfect for the library as it would inspire readers. The novel depicts the subjugation of women in modern times and would thus serve as an eye opener to scholars that they should take advantage of the rights they have been bestowed such as the basic right to
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