Gender Roles In Same Sex Relationships

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In Stephen Mays article “ What About Gender Roles In Same Sex Relationships” he talks about how the traditional gender roles of a relationship do apply in a small way to same sex couples but he also says “Imposing gender roles on on gay couples is even more ridiculous than doing so with straight couples”. The whole purpose of a gay relationship is that there is no “woman” and in a lesbian relationship there is no “man”. People are so accustomed to the traditional relationship of a man and a woman that they try to push those gender roles onto single gender relationships. When a man shows personality traits that we would normally associate with a woman, that does not make him the woman in the gay relationship because he is biologically a man. I couldn 't agree more with Mays in this article, a women can be more masculine and that does not make her a man, so why does society feel the need to force strict gender roles on everyone. Most people seem to see the world through male/female lenses because it makes them feel more comfortable and they believe it gives them somewhere to belong, but I feel as though we get so immersed in this strictly male/female world that we fail to recognize that some people don 't see through the same lens that we do. As a society we go through our everyday lives assigning genders to the smallest things like pink is for girls and football is for boys. Mays also talks about the topic of assigning genders to ideas in his article he says “We simply
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