Taming Of The Shrew Gender Roles Essay

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In the play “The Taming of the Shrew”, we see that society was very different from what is now.
Back then the rules were much looser than how we are viewing them today. We see how the older men try to find themselves wives, but the age difference between man and woman are significantly different than what we see now. Back then, it was normal for men to marry young women or try to go after them while they were still fourteen or fifteen years old. Women then were naive to the fact that they had to be married off and taken care of by other men. During Kate’s first meeting with Petrucio, it was a strong exchange of words because Kate wasn’t much of a pushover like her younger sister Bianca. A woman like Kate was difficult to marry off because men loved to control their women during that time. Bianca was also the type of girl men liked because she was passive, and she was also younger. In the 1500s women were prisoners of
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Gender roles also play a factor in today’s time because women have evolutionized into strong, independent idols. A lot of men today look up to women for help and guidance through their journey of life. Men no longer disrespect women how they used to but instead respect them like they should be. In marriage it takes more than one person to make the relationship work, and that’s why men had to cooperate and change the rules for the future we live in today. Taming of the Shrew will always be a great influence on societal codes and we look back on that book for inspiration when it comes to age difference, and how women were treated in the 1500s. Rules will always change and marriage will always have it’s indifferences. That’s when men and women will come together and work it out as they always have. When there is a time of desperation and we need to look at the societal codes of the 1500s, we know that William Shakespeare didn’t set us up for
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