Gender Roles In Society

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Throughout the course of history, gender roles have been depicted by our society. We’ve been told how we should behave, the choices we should make, and the ways we should live our lives. As a result, it becomes prominent that we as individuals often allow the opinions and views of others to affect the decisions we make. For example, women were expected to be in charge of child - care and daily household responsibilities. It wasn’t until the early 1900’s that women started working and becoming breadwinners along with their husbands or in some cases by themselves for their families. Nevertheless the idea that each gender should abide by their roles and live up to their expectations is a reality and any form of rebellion leads to conflict. This view is presented in the following texts; “ Night to His Day: The Social Construction of Gender” by Judith Lorber, “Women’s Brains” by Stephen Jay Gould’s, and finally “Gauging Gender” by Stephen Asthma. Society defines gender.

We often unintentionally classify the people we encounter just to help us make faster analysis, by finding something to identify them by. Most times we are quick to judge which causes us to make false assumptions. This makes the process of finding something to identify them by, much easier. We class individuals based on their gender, appearance, age, beliefs and disabilities (limitations). An average man wouldn 't handle a woman as he would another man. Judith Lorber believes that, "Gender

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