Gender Roles In Society

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Gender roles are influence to children at an early age. Little boys are told that blue is a boy color and little girls are told that pink is a girl color. Blue is usually a color that stands for manliness while pink is a color that stands for femininity. Girls are given dolls, cooking sets and crafts while boys are given race cars, action figures, and weapons. These roles are established and pushed upon children so that they grow up having a mindset of what a girl or boy have to be. If a boy played with dolls and if a girl played with race cars, they would get picked on. Even growing up as an adult, men and women are given roles as well. Men are supposed to do all the hard work while women are supposed to clean and take care of the family. Furthermore, women and men are stereotyped in society and stereotypes have been around for a very long time. Since I was little, I was brought up with the idea that boys are stronger and they are the leaders. My mother would tell my sister and me that playing sports was not something young girls do. As little girls, my sister and I would play with dolls, cooking, cleaning, and playing house. At a young age, we were taught lady-like, adult roles to teach us what a young women’s role in life are. Even going to school, children are all influenced by stereotypes. On a playground, there were girls who play with other girls, while boys are playing sports. When a girl wanted to join the boys, boys will not let them because of the fact that they

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