Gender Influence On Children

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Gender roles are influence to children at an early age. Little boys are told that blue is a boy color and little girls are told that pink is a girl color. Blue is usually a color that stands for manliness while pink is a color that stands for femininity. Girls are given dolls, cooking sets and crafts while boys are given race cars, action figures, and weapons. These roles are established and pushed upon children so that they grow up having a mindset of what a girl or boy have to be. If a boy played with dolls and if a girl played with race cars, they would get picked on. Even growing up as an adult, men and women are given roles as well. Men are supposed to do all the hard work while women are supposed to clean and take care of the family.…show more content…
Gender stereotypes often discriminate women at home or at work. Usually children who are exposed to gender stereotyping at a young age have limited opportunities. Children were taught to have certain roles as a kid are more likely to get a job that is related to their gender. The stereotypes on women, when they are little girls, burdened them because they are taught to act as a lower in status individual. Women had struggles to given their own identities and women would believe that being masculine was a way for them to succeed in a manly world. With jobs, women are not given roles that are not man-like such as dirty-work or heavy lifting. Nowadays women do have jobs and they are working their way to the…show more content…
In my culture women are not allow to wear clothes that show too much skin because the older adults will tend judge. Women should be able to dress comfortably instead of asking if they are allow to. Women should be able to show off their bodies in any fashion or way that expresses themselves. However, women are forced to cover themselves in some parts of the world because they may be viewed as sex objects. On the other hand men are able to wear anything they want. Men are allowed to walk around without a shirt but nobody calls them a promiscuous and nobody looks at them as if they’re letting anyone

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