Gender Roles In Society Research Paper

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ENDER ROLES IN SOCIETY There has been a traditional belief that males are more likely to involve in powerful positions than women from the start of civilization. According to this belief, men’s and women’s roles have to be socially appropriate and they are expected to take part in certain areas. The main question that has to be answered is why these roles divided into genders. Some people believe that it is related to biology or brain structure that makes a difference between boys’ and girls’ brain development in terms of intelligence that affects a status and roles to fulfill in society. In my opinion, process of raising child and effects of culture are determinant in sharing the roles other than biological factors which are not able to directly influence the gender development in human-beings. Even before the birth, both females and males have a strong connection with their mothers. They begin to learn new things from their mothers since the day they open their eyes to the world. Therefore, mother’s behaviors towards their children play a crucial role to shape child’s interests and acts. Dewey (1995) claims that men’s being more dominant and aggressive than women are not directly connected with biology. According to Dewey (1995), it is mainly because of the gender differences in upbringing. The way a mother treats her daughter and her son is different. She is likely to be more protective of her daughter while she lets her son investigate his environment. Dewey

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