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Executive member of the School Ruby Union, Kwanieze John, in an interview, spoke about the benefits of the School Girls Ruby League as well as some of the challenges it faces. John first made an announcement that the league would be re-scheduled. She stated that during the non-competitive interim the girls would be given the opportunity to play in exhibition matches so as to ensure their interest in the sport would not wane, all the while providing the girls with an opportunity to improve their skills.
One positive aspect of the league John mentioned was that it encouraged an atmosphere of camaraderie among the female athletes without undue pressure being placed on them. Mention was also made of the fact that the league has seen growth in participation since its inception.
John also identified two challenges the league faces; the lack of trained female coaches and the lack of solid financial backing. Additionally, John explained that social media is used to attract girls to the sport. John also stressed that parents should also encourage their children to
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The sight of school girls playing rugby would seem farfetched to the larger society. The rise of ideologies such as feminism within modern times, however, has challenged the notion that women are supposed to have specific roles within sports. The above article illustrates that what was once a male dominated sport is now accessible to girls. It also makes the case that by engaging in a team sport, these girls learn important social skills which would make them become positive members of society. By utilising sociological theories associated with gender socialisation at the primary and secondary levels we can understand the cause of this surge in popularity of rugby among school girls, as well as appreciate how functionalism explains the positive impact the sport has on

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