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Gender roles in America can be described as a set of expectations between a typical men and women in society. Over the years women want to be involved more in broadcasting instead of just standing along the sidelines. Sport networks like ESPN over the years has been setting aside women during the games while men have the dominant role of commenting about the games since we in American culture view women in sports networks are there for sexualization. Therefore, ESPN has established gender characteristics in broadcasting between a man and women just like we do as people have established gender roles over centuries in America society.
In this article, Doyle opens up on the subject of increasing the roles of women’s in sports broadcasting. She
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Doyle advocates of being of men dominating broadcasting, analyzing, and commentating games since she desires of seeing the women's perspective on these sports games. She also believes that we should be able to hear a female aspects of sports like we do in other life aspects such as in business, politics, etc.
The purpose of this article is to inform people on the value need of a greater role of women in sports broadcasting. When Doyle wrote this article on the issue of regulating women to the sidelines for their appearance. This shows, in fact that the discussion on the subject is needed to be spread, however, the media have not put enough emphasis to stop this practice in sports. Doyle revealed in the article in which states “female sports broadcasters are usually limited to brief, sideline updates and interview with coaches during games…” (Doyle, par. 11) to show, in fact, that women are being held down by gender inequality standards that we as
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Due to Title IX, girls have been playing competitive sports in schools for decades. In addition, over the years, sporting events are now being packed with women that are crazy for their teams. Therefore, transitioning women to greater broadcasting roles would be a smooth transition since women are becoming huge fans of the sport anyways. The increasing involvement of women roles in sports can be compared to the gender identity of people in America since now over the years women are receiving their fair share.
This article is influential in many ways because it reveals that even in broadcasting, gender roles are established. In addition, the way different genders are being treated is vastly opposite of each other. Consequently, this contrast between the expectations of men and women in America society has caused an uproar of implementing gender equality which, therefore, sports networks like ESPN to greatly increase the roles of women in broadcasting to appeal their audience of both men and women. In result is capturing a greater

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