Gender Roles In TV Commercials

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TV Commercials (TVCs) play an important role in the promotion of ideology embedded in the language and the visuals. The advertisers use innovative techniques to promote popular gender-specific ideology. Females in Pakistani society are assigned the specific roles and they are identified through these roles. The happiness of a family depends on her. The more dutiful she is in her performance happier the family will be.
The advertisement of nokia x1-01 has been chosen for analysis. There are three characters in this advertisement and one is ghost character. The setting of the advertisement is T Lounge and dining hall. The advertisement shows two kids are showntwo kids playing and creating a mess. At the same time a woman comes on scene anin and d she is forbidding tells the her children not to create a mess. Then she starts talking to the audience of the advertisement,:
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Women have to perform all these duties and the men have only to earn. Gender gives a social identity to human beings and constructs a ‘reality’ for them. Men are considered as bread winners, strong, intellectuals, and superior in every walk of life. . Though the character of husband is not brought on the screen but the character is still having his impact on his family members. On the contrary, women are defined as weak, unassertive, commodity-like, and house-wifely. During this whole conversation she is shown preparing for the dinner. So she has to feed the family in time as her husband is out for work. Through this forty seconds advertisement the females’ responsibilities of cooking food, taking care of children and husband, keeping social relation with both husband’s family and her on family and to maintain budget of family are shown. Men and women are bound in a society by the set social structures. They are supposed to perform their roles according to the given societal norms. Their lives are governed and lived under the hegemonic power of resultant

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