The Importance Of Feminism

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Feminism is the advocacy of women 's rights on the basis of wanting to establish equal opportunities for both men and women. Feminists want to change the idea that men invent and that women use, they want to challenge the association connecting technology, machines, masculinity and work and they seek to dispute the idea of women 's technological incompetence. It can be clearly seen from the past and even in today 's world that technologies are associated with masculinity and it is a common perception that women are seen as technologically incompetent. "Technologies have a masculine image, not only because they are dominated by men but because they incorporate symbols, metaphors and values that have masculine connotations. Women 's reluctance…show more content…
Judy Wajcman:
Judy Wajcman is a professor of sociology, she is one of the founding feminist contributors to the understanding of technology in society and thus is best known for her study of the gendered ways of technology. Wajcman discovers the ways in which technology can be gendered by both its design and by its use, simultaniously this shows us how our personality is shaped by the technoscience culture of the world which we live in. Wajcman writes about the important role which gender has in technology and she looks at the achievement of women 's technological successes in the past and she focuses on the major influence that gender and feminism have had on technology. She concentrates a lot on the roles women have had in producing and not just consuming technology and she also focuses on the lack of recognition women have received because of their undervalued skills. Wajcman is the author of the book Feminism confronts Technology, this book provided us with a strong concept for building a feminist outlook into the social science debates about technology. It provides us with a great analysis of the power of technology on the lives of women, and it shows us that there is a pre-made male prejudice formed in the way that technology is defined and designed. The
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Plant looked at the social potential of cyber-technology, and therefore can be seen as a important contributor to the understanding of technology in society. Plant is mainly know for her work on cyberfeminism, cyberfeminism can be seen as " the cultural turn against determinist arguments, emphasising subjectivity and agency, generating a utopian perspective." (Wajcman, 2013) . Cyberfeminism is a modern word used to define the attitudes of a contemporary feminist community whose enthusiasm is for the internet, cyberspace and technology. The main cyberfeminist idea takes an idealistic viewpoint on cyberspace and the internet as instruments which can be used for the freedom from social designs such as gender and gender inequality. It can be seen that cyberfeminism looks at technology as a agent for the separation of gender and gender inequality, as well as a way in which to join the body with machines. In a modern day society in which civilization is absorbed in technology and technological devices, culture slowly begins to get more adapted through technology, and modern day ways of thinking about the role of women in technology and society become more acceptable. " The virtuality of cyberspace is seen to spell the end of the naturalised, biological embodiment as the basis for gender difference. The internet is expressive of female ways of being, and thereby creates manifold opportunities for changing the woman - machine
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