Gender Roles In Television

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Rebecca Traister wrote a wonderful piece full of insight into the role of women in television, and how they are seen by men. Traistere’s piece entitled “Women are the new men on TV” introduces the audience to the new “ass-kicking” women of the television season and how the men around them are affected by their independence and their power. Most men are scared of the women who are more powerful than them in the bedroom, in the office and economically, but some are not scared of the women because they are blinded by their love for these women that they perform the littlest of tasks like working on the catering of a birthday party. From what I have seen in TV and film I must agree with Traister that women are definitely more powerful, but I disagree that they only confide in other women; however her opinions on men, I completely disagree…show more content…
We become aware to the acceptance of powerful women, and how even if you are strong it is okay to need help. We learn that not all men will treat us fairly, but when we find the one who sees us equally and treats us with respect then we know to not let him go. Shows like “Reign” are extremely helpful in expressing these lessons and they teach us without making the point of their lessons so poignant and forced that they settle in over time and help us understand more about ourselves and our cultures as we look back on the episodes. In conclusion, I would like to say that I respect Traister’s opinion and she argued her side very well, but I hope that I have made it clear that my views on the subject include women can be strong, but don’t only have to rely on other women for comfort, and men; while they can be sexist pigs; there are some who will treat women as equals and they aren’t just there to be fools that make the audience laugh. Pop culture is changing how we view gender roles and they are leading us closer and closer to finally seeing each other as
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