Women's Roles During The Civil War

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Women fought more than two hundred years in order to got the rights that were guaranteed to man in the constitution of the united states. Even if the revolution of the United States against the colonial Great Britain gave them more consideration among the society especially regarding the education of their children with the republican motherhood aspect, women were not equal to men and they were totally dependent of their husband for their entire life. Then, the civil war appeared in April 1861; during this war, which is considered as the bloodiest war of the American history, women were really involved and contributed a lot to help soldiers both of the confederated and of the union side. Some women engaged herself as nurse and gave care to the soldiers. Other tried to collect funds in order to provide food, uniforms and other things the soldiers needed. The most courageous disguised herself as men to fight within the army for their beliefs. After the civil war and during the reconstruction period, women were not recognized for what they did and it created a kind of uprising. The feminism aspect, which began in 1830, mushroomed. Over the years, after long years of fight, women saw a considerable improvement of their role and their place into the society but even…show more content…
Women were viewed as the weaker sex. They were thought to be fragile and dependent. Gender roles were strictly divided with the woman placed firmly in the home, in charge of domestic tasks and childcare. However, when their husbands, sons, fathers and brothers joined the military during the Civil War, many women obtained new roles at home. Others decided to assist the war effort as nurses, spies and even soldiers. In many ways, their Civil War duties showed these women exactly how strong they really were (The role of women in the civil war, study.com). During this period, women played a significant role for the union but also for the confederated
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