Gender Roles In The 1961 Kenwood Mixer Advertisements

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Thoughtout the ages gender roles have been portrayed differently using visual text or other forms of media. This leaves people to have a one track mind towards things like women working in a man’s position, or being better paid than a man. In the ad I chose, the woman is portrayed as a housewife that must cook for her hardworking husband with a kitchen mixer called Kenwood. This promotes people to think that woman are meant to cook and clean for a man, but that is not the way the world works.
The 1961 Kenwood mixer Advertisement reads “The chef does everything but cook-that’s what wives are for!” The ad portrays a man and his wife in which the man is wearing a professional business suit while his wife is humped over on his back wearing a chef 's
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Men are portrayed as being aggressive and manly . They usually are pursuit as the leader, the provider or more dominant. Many brands add unnecessary titles to products just to give the make it seems as if they 're better. Women are shown differently by the advertising world. Instead of being, powerful in advertising , women are usually seen in a more domestic form. These brands make is easy that women should try to be the best housewive they can be an play their role at that. In this advertisement there are different signs. If Kenwood were to change the ad and make it for a women audience . If we were to mix that up and change the word wives to husbands, put the chef 's hat on the man and put the suit on the woman and make him stand behind her the ad would not make sense in the 1960’s culture. Men always know what 's best and women did not argue over them.

This advertisement is also related to wealth. In the 1960’s an appliance like this would have been quite pricey for a normal house hold. The wife is dressed up perfectly from the way shes dress to her makeup hair and red manicured nails. The man 's suit looks also quite pricey . The text in the bottom right corner stating every man should give his wife a Kenwood Chef represents a families that are on high end middle to wealthy class. If you can afford the kenwood mixer or their products then you are wealthy.
1950s-60s were hard for women, that time period were full of stereotypes and sexism against women. Advertisements showed women being lower than men and that their job is to be at home, women also tolerated it because that 's what they were use to not having a voice. Even if

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