Gender Roles In The 20th Century

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Armeen: Children’s roles are very significant to society now and even then. In the beginning of the 20th century, children had a very hard life. But slowly, technology has improved, and has made the life of children easier.

Aashka: In the 20th century, Children used slates and chalk everyday at school. It was the only resource available at that time. Because of this, It was very difficult for children to learn during that time period.

Madeeha: The kids living the rural area got less time at school since they had to work on farms and do other household chores. Also the rural areas used one room school houses where there was only one teacher teaching to students in all the grades because not a lot of people were educated back then.

Albert: There were less male teachers than female teachers, however, women got paid less than men because they were thought to be the weaker gender. You maybe think the system back then was terrible but the parents didn’t think that. Parents did not support the education of their children. They just wanted their children to work so they could earn to support the household.

Saher: The education system now has changed drastically since that time. Now we use paper and pencil at school compared to slates. As technology continuously improves, many children now use technology at school such as laptops and ipads. It’s a big improvement from the 20th century.

Armeen: Also, Kids now days are not required to work long hours to support their
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