Gender Roles In The Anglo-Saxon Era

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From the Anglo-Saxon Era till the Present Time The Anglo-Saxon refers to the settlers from the German regions of Angeln and Saxony, who made their way over to Britain after the fall of the Roman Empire around AD 410. Thus, paved the way to be known as the Anglo-Saxon Era. But I, the author of this essay, will simply discuss the Anglo-Saxon’s similarities and differences with the present modern time, specifically in three areas. And these areas would be gender roles, language and social conduct. Gender roles in the Anglo-Saxon Era are very distant to each other. Men, who are usually the strong warriors, are of the dominant gender in the society. They were the symbol of heroism for being brave and strong. They were the ones who fought in wars, fighting for their society. Men were also the central leaders, as kings and rulers. Also, they were the ones to provide the needs of their family. While men are of the dominant gender, women are in the lower status. In the Anglo-Saxon era, women had unfulfilling purposes. They usually served meads to men who are rejoicing and celebrating for their victory in the battlefield. Many women would be peace weavers, who get married just to make peace between two rival tribes. Their most important purpose or job is to be just a good mother. Women were to take care of their homes and farms. In the Modern Era, there has been a lot of changes. Women are not just servants, home keepers or housewives. They are free to discover who they are and

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