Traditional Gender Roles In Axe Body Spray

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As portrayed in the Axe Body Spray advertisement, traditional gender roles occur very prevalently in the media. Axe has become one of the leading deodorant companies in recent years after completely changing their target audience to specifically heterosexual men. From the clothes they are wearing, to the positioning of the people in the picture every detail of the advertisement hints to the categorization of women being over sexualized for everything they do, even laundry. Clothing choice, facial exposure, and positioning of the people in the picture are all reasons this ad depicts the way women are oversexualized and the ways gender roles are perceived in America. The clothing the two people in the ad are wearing although very subtle details are very intentional. In fact, the short shorts and boots coming all the way up to the lady’s knees on the woman, baggy jeans, t-shirt, and lack of shoes on the man is indeed, play a very important role in the advertisement. Women in the…show more content…
Different sexes are taught from an early age they are supposed to look or act a certain way. Gender role boxes created force men and women to feel as if they can only take part in activities found in said boxes. In the men’s boxes are activities such as taking out the trash, going to work, overseeing the house and being higher up in rank at work. In women’s boxes, household chores such as laundry and taking care of the kids are found. These stereotypes are highlighted in this ad with the way the woman is dressed and the way the two different genders are portrayed. These strategies help the company gain sales and therefore credibility in the sales world. They also help appeal to the emotions and sexual feelings of men, while at the same time using scientific knowledge to use strategies that are logical in creating the effects the company wants. Overall the axe company uses gender roles in the oversexualization of women for better
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