Gender Roles In The Aztecs

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Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer who travelled across the Atlantic Ocean with the discovery of what is known today as the united states of America. Christopher Columbus discovery would prompt the migration of many Europeans such as the Spanish and English, along with the protestant reformation to venture across the Atlantic Ocean, brining with them, religious toleration such as Christianity which including their own laws such as coverture. The migrants ended up settling over the years in many states such as New France, Arizona and even south America. Little did the Aztecs know, their freedom of land would soon become harmed by the discovery of America and Mesoamerica. The Aztecs property would be destroyed and mass…show more content…
Gender roles are not as strict as other towns in America during this time. Women are able to help their husbands with any servile work. The women are not designated one job only, they’re not bound to anything in particular. However, roles in the house are more commonly affiliated to women who are well acquainted with all house based responsibilities. Children, men and women all helped to keep the family going, children having the advantage of education, women and men both tried to make money in Carolina during this period of…show more content…
John Lawson implied that Carolina women had three important roles that were to be good housewifery, to be joyful mothers, and to help their husbands in any servile work.

3- Compare and contrast how jobs for women in Carolina differ from other women in colonies in different America towns.
Jobs in Carolina for women allowed for much more versatility compared to other parts in America. Women were able do a variety of jobs that potentially was the difference between poverty. Women were able to perform jobs in the house, produce fabrics that allowed for less money being spent on clothing and they also helped their husbands. In other colonist towns around America, women had much stricter jobs. This resulted in women not knowing much about other fields of work and therefore wasn’t able to perform the task at hand unlike Carolina women who could perform servile jobs.

3- Justify the importance for women working in
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