Gender Roles In The Bastard Out Of Carolina

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It is better not to give birth than to have a baby girl as a child. This was an idea that took place way back in the past of Asian culture countries. Boys were tremendously preferred than girls and girls were thought and treated valueless and useless. This ideology is now considered old-fashioned and improper, however, the same concept still lies in the society. In human society, there always have been certain gender roles. Ever since the primitive age, gender roles existed: men went outside to hunt animals and search for food when women stayed inside to take care of babies and cook. Women were hugely dependent on men in survival. As time passed and many societal ideas changed through time, gender roles have changed as well. Women became more outgoing and men didn’t have to be as outgoing as they had to in the past. Today, many people broadly know that women became more independent now than in the past. However, what about women’s level of dependence on men? Did the public gaze on women dependence on men change throughout time? There still are gender discriminations and stereotypes about gender roles in the society today, and it influences many aspects of human lives. Gender discriminations and gender roles influence a child’s growth in negative ways as in the form of his/her process of mind setting and his/her view looking at the world. In the novel, The Bastard Out of Carolina, through the life of the main character, Bone, readers can see how the gender discrimination and

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