Gender Differences In Classroom

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It has been always told that differences between males and females in language are really notorious since the speech of both sexes and the way of communicating themselves has its own characteristics. It also exists a belief that women are more supportive and subordinate than men because they tend to be more dominant and competitive mostly. This occurs when both of them are in the same place of conversation. In terms of a school context, differences in gender are more hugely proved.
Respect to education, history has shown us that girls and boys were separated in schools for each gender, so there could not be a possibility to make an investigation about this differentiation. But, over the years, some schools started to involve both sexes in same classrooms, so it started a battle for equality and dominance which it was growing more and more. For that reason, many people began to study that social-linguistic phenomenon which became so important in the educational and social world.
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These studies have not been made without taking some factors into account which are important and also influent for it. Some of these factors which can appear in a classroom are the amount of talk and the time of turn-length, gender identity and different speech styles, culture and the context or theme that is being developed in the
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