Gender Roles In The Disney Versions Of Fairy Tales

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Gender roles are taught initially in the family, re- enforced by schools and reflected by the media. These messages can have a real effect on an individual’s self-image and how they function in society. Whether it is the tales of the Disney versions, fairy tales have permeated society for ages. They are just stories told to children for entertainment. Families construct gender messages by teaching their children that boys and girls should learn the appropriate behavior and attitudes from the family and overall culture in which they grow up. Parents treat sons and daughters differently. Parents would have their sons and daughters to participate in sex typed activities. For example, boys are more likely to be encouraged to play sports, while girls are encouraged to participate in housekeeping activities.…show more content…
School is another place where children learn about gender roles. It is at schools that children learn and see other children from different genders. There is where the children learn how to act by watching what other kids do. Girls see what other girls do and girls fallow because that’s how it’s expected to be. The same goes for
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