Gender Roles In The Family

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We are living in a new generation, where the gender roles are switching everyday and becoming more equal. It is a tough world out there for women but they are saying no, we can do what men do and we can do it better. Women go to work everyday and are a huge part of the labor force. While men stay home to raise their children, we are switching the gender roles that have been around for centuries. In the past this would not even be a topic of discussion, such as in the 50’s when women were told their job was to just stay home with the kids and cook and clean all day, having the food on the table when the father got home. The focus of this paper is the overall aspect of how it relates to gender, showing that women are more than capable of doing the so called man’s job. I will be looking at the different reasons as to why the fathers are staying home and the stigma that follows them. Also do the stay at fathers feel comfortable with this decision of having the wife support the family. How does having a stay at home father and a breadwinning mother impact the family as a whole? Stay at home fathers and breadwinning mothers have a lot of stigma thrown their way. People sometimes just do not understand why they have this dynamic and it does not fit the norms that they have imprinted in their minds. Much like everything else a parent does they are getting shamed for a decision they made inside of their family and not for outside approval. Some of the most common places that the
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