Gender Roles In The Holocaust

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“It is not that they don’t want to discuss something that was painful, it is that they do not want to be branded … The real horrors they experienced were horrible enough” – Lenore Weitzman, co-editor “Women in the Holocaust”.

Historical proof displays that in times of turbulence, women are prone of taking up males traditional roles, assuming responsibility of keeping up the wartime economy taking up the jobs left by their men as they go off to fight. For instance, American women took upon the vacated jobs left by their men when they went to fight during World War 11, whereby their work in jobs kept the economic production during that time of war.
In comparison the first ever conducted postwar convention that called for the research of gender, giving special attention of the fate of women during the
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In spite of the fact that both women and men all faced inhalation, women specifically encountered treacherous and outrageous moments.
This paper compares and examines the circumstances of the women, how their situation was dissimilar to that of men and also how they were different from the other women residing outside the ghetto’s and camps. Prior to the World War 11 and Holocaust, women and men occupied extremely contrasting social and gender roles. Both men and women were victimized because of a mere fact of being a Jew, but somewhat different in different places. More women than men were killed upon their arrival to Auschwith-Birkenau (Palosuo 2008, p 223.)
This paper exhibits the courage and endurance of the unique roles they played before the war, where their women communal roles differed from those of men, during the bitter moments of the war, Holocaust, thus how the German attitude regarded them to be different and lastly how these Jewish women generated methods of coping in the ghetto’s and concentration
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