Gender Roles In The Men's Wife

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the role of women in the novel The female protagonists are Mrs. Ramsay and Lily Briscoe. Mrs. Ramsay is Mr.Ramsay’s wife. She is bighearted with kindness and she is also the protector of the family. Mrs.Ramsay is the one who takes care of the guest in the family’s summer house as the hostess, as she also takes care of her eight children and the household. She follows traditional gender roles were the man is the dominant in the family yet she also believes that men's egos needs support from her. She feels that is her obligation to play this role primarily when she is around men. “Indeed, she had the whole of the other sex under her protection; for reasons she could not explain, for their chivalry and valour, for the fact that they negotiated…show more content…
“She had gone one day into a Hall and heard him speaking during the war. He was denouncing something: he was condemning somebody. He was preaching brotherly love. And all she felt was how could he love his kind who did not know one picture from another, who had stood behind her smoking shag ("fivepence an ounce, Miss Briscoe") and making it his business to tell her women can't write, women can't paint, not so much that he believed it, as that for some odd reason he wished it?” Charles Tansley’s comment about the female ability affects her in a negative way. She is afraid that her paintings might tossed out and that people might not see her paintings as art. For that reason these self doubts, Lily begins to paint a portrait of Mrs. Ramsay that she later on finish in the end part of the novel. Lily Briscoe adores Mrs. Ramsay but feels the lack of sympathy from her because Mrs. Ramsay believes that men needs more support. “"Do you write many letters, Mr Tansley?" asked Mrs Ramsay, pitying him too, Lily supposed; for that was true of Mrs Ramsay—she pitied men always as if they lacked something—women never, as if they had something.” According to Lily, Mrs. Ramsay pities only men and not women because women are capable of taking care of everything but men are not the same. Mrs. Ramsay always took care of Lily, but not the way Lily desired to be taken care of “But the sight of the girl standing on the edge of the lawn painting reminded her; she was supposed to be keeping her head as much in the same position as possible for Lily's picture. Lily's picture! Mrs Ramsay smiled. With her little Chinese eyes and her puckered-up face, she would never marry; one could not take her painting very seriously; she was an
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