Gender Roles In The Moon And The Morning Star

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Creationist texts give intriguing insight to the formation of societal structures and belief systems. These texts give a look at the origin of binary gender roles and the role of a creator versus the created and how that system was organized by its religion. In the passage, "The Moon and the Morning Star" the topics of creation and gender roles are highly emphasized. This text highlights the creation of the Earth and how its natives, in this case, the Wichita people of North America, formed their social structures based on their sexes. Many creationist texts emphasize the formation of these roles because it is what consequently propels society. These binary roles are highlighted through the different images that represent an and woman; the…show more content…
The moon is depicted as the Bright-Shining woman, this is a more feminine figure and she teaches the women of the society their assigned roles. The moon has been used as a feminine figure throughout history, this can be seen in Greek mythology with Artemis, Artemis the twin sister of Apollo and the goddess of chastity, hunting, and the moon. Artemis is a very feminine figure and this symbol of the moon is common throughout literature. This passage follows this motif, Bright-Shining woman is the moon. This character teaches the other women in this society about the gender roles that will guide them through daily life. These gender roles differ from those of men, "Bright-Shining woman taught the women about corn, how to grow corn, how to feed the people with corn, how to offer some corn at each meal to Man-never-known-on-Earth," (The Moon and the Morning Star) The roles these women are given are composed of growing agriculture and using it to improve the lives of those in their village. These duties are more sedentary than those of the men, as they are tasked with gathering food and preparing it versus hunting food and other physical activities. These gender roles can still be seen in today 's society with physical activities such as sports or manual jobs are typically associated with men. By the Bright-Shining woman directly telling the women that this is their duty, she is directly telling them they cannot…show more content…
There is a direct contrast between being the original creator of a group of people versus being a member of that society. It is more effective for societies to create these religious icons to better manage their people. This causes the hierarchy to run more efficiently because the citizenry listens to their religious figure more than a governmental institution. The lines between sexes are also drawn. Men being represented by the sun are given more physical gender role, while women are giving more sedentary activities such as agriculture. The lines between binary gender roles are clearly drawn in "The Moon and the Morning Star". This creationist text provided a clear and direct origin story and explanations for its people.

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