Gender Roles In Mean Girls

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Most toddlers are given one of two categories of toys: those for boys and then those for girls. When parents see that their kids are born as boys then they will probably start buying them blocks, race cars, balls, and action figures while for their daughters they will lean towards dolls, baby strollers, crowns, and kitchen sets. At sight, these toys seem harmless and innocent; that is to say what is wrong with a little boy and girl playing with their cars and dolls; however, these toys are the just the beginning of their molding. These kids are slowly being molded into their respective gender role: which are behaviors learned by an individual as appropriate to their gender. For example, gender norms or roles for a girl would be that they’re supposed to be thin, passive, and submissive to males. On the contrary, males are supposed to be dominant, stern, and sexually precious. Social media does a phenomenal job in enforcing these gender roles upon society; whether it’s a music video, movie, television show, or…show more content…
When a Damian, a character in Mean Girls, was explaining who Regina George was, the movie cuts into a variety of scenes of different girls explaining who Regina George is, and they say, “She’s the queen bee”, “Regina George is flawless”, and “one time she punched me in the face; it was awesome.” In another scene, Regina told Cady, the protagonist of the movie, “No no no you can’t do that, its social suicide.” Regina is being symbolized as the gender police by telling Cady that she can’t do something because it is not “girl like”. Because Regina George is portrayed as the “gender police”, Mean Girls is a movie that enforces gender roles. To conclude, Regina George is a character that is used to enforce gender roles up on society. She is portrayed as the “gender police” of her high school, and she is displayed as a sexual

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