Gender Roles In The Nineteenth Century

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In the nineteenth century many changes were happening in American. American just twenty-four years before got their freedom from Great Britain. This freedom helped shaped the country in the nineteenth century to what was known as the Market Revolution. Market Revolution shifted from self sufficient farms and communities to commercial farms and manufacturing interests. The Market Revolution reshaped the economy by the Industrial, the Transportation, Communication Revolution as well as the regional differences in America and the shift in gender roles in the nineteenth century. The Market Revolution marked by three major elements the Industrial, the Transport and the Communications Revolution. The Industrial Revolution was started in England at first with the production of thread the cloth begin manufactured. Trade secrets were highly guarded by the English, however; Samuel Slater memorized the plans for the machines and traveled to new England to put these plans into a…show more content…
The gender role shift was most significant to white middle and upper class women. These women shifted to the economic-well-being to the emotional- well-being of the family. This shift helped to create a loving home environment. The term of the “True Womanhood” started to be used during that time. “True Womanhood” was ideals focused on the woman on being pure, submissive, and domesticated. The women role in the household was limited to the private sphere while men were allowed the public sphere lifestyle. Even though these women hired help to free them from tiresome takes, they were still involved in responsibility like child care, meal preparation, clothing production and many other things. In the idea of “True Womanhood” cultural ideal was only for the upper and middle of white woman. For many women like farm women, immigrant women, and poor women were still had to contribute to the economic welfare of the
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