Gender Roles In The Princess And The Frog

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The movie “The Princess and the Frog” is not your typical “boy saves girl” movie. Instead, this Disney movie presents us with a strong female lead who doesn’t need a man to achieve her goals. In many previous Disney movies, it is demonstrated that a girl needs a man in order to get her happily ever after. Without a prince, she is nothing. In “The Princess and the Frog” the gender roles are presented to us as equal, even reverse at times. Tiana, the main protagonist of the movie, is a young woman pursuing her dream of running a largely successful restaurant. Throughout the movie, Tiana repeatedly rejects the idea of needing a man, or anyone for the matter. She believes solely in hard work and determination. As a child, when reading the story…show more content…
Tiana’s mother is a hard working seamstress, instead of playing the traditional wife’s role of staying at home, cooking and cleaning. Her father is the one who cooks for the family and teaches Tiana how to. Her mother makes the main source of income for the family, while it is implied that her father works several different jobs occasionally. In previous Disney movies, “Sleeping Beauty” for example, the father was the one who ran the kingdom while the woman appeared to just be there for show. Charlotte, Tiana’s best friend, is shown as a young girl with the more “traditional” views of being a female. She demonstrates her acceptance that a man is necessary for a woman to live happily ever after. Her main focus seems to be on winning over the prince. She states that “her prince is finally coming” as if that’s all she wants in life. Naveen is introduced as a handsome young prince that young women find irresistible as soon as he arrives. Tiana, however, pays little attention to him. Naveen has two choices: Marry a rich young lady, or get a job. Instead of the woman having to rely on the man, Naveen has to rely on a woman. Naveen is seen as somewhat of the “damsel in distress” throughout the movie who is constantly needing saved again and
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