Gender Roles In The Thousand And One Nights

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Question Two

Gender roles differ and change profoundly through time, societies, and stories. Visions of virtues and actions of respect towards women change as different situations progress throughout time. The attitude varies little with change for men from the appearance of one with strength and courage to one of sophistication and manners, but still of courage and strength; while the vision of women can turn from one of innocence and submission to one of pride and dominance. The role of the female sex compares and contrasts in the stories of The Hebrew Bible, Homer, and The Thousand and One Nights.

From the multiple stories of The Hebrew Bible, the Creation specifies the role of women. From the rib of Adam, Eve’s beginning envisions as one of submission; one of man, part of man, to do and follow man. Her entire existence was for the joy and accompaniment of Adam. From her faulty choice in the Garden of Eden, control takes place by Adam to follow through with her decisions. As the partner of Adam after the banishment from the garden, Eve takes her place as the follower of her husband and the place of a mother for the kids they bare. Yet, even with the submissive role with Adam, she still has sway to her words and places as a companion and partner to her husband. She still holds what you can call a vote in the marriage to her
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Still in torment from the fear of her husband’s death, men stay in her home to persuade her to join them in matrimony. She, as a woman in the time and place of the story, holds little sway or say in the matter of this event. Without a man dominating the house, chaos follows even with her appearance with the company. Desperate for her thought-to-be-dead husband’s return, the women of no power and no choice, as all women of the story are seen (powerless and weak), lets the overrunning of her home
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