Gender Roles In The Victorian Age

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Female Roles and Sexuality During the Victorian Age Written during the Victorian Age and published in 1862, Christina Rossetti’s work, “Goblin Market,” is a narrative poem about two sisters lured by the enchanting goblin men. The Victorian Age was the reign of Queen Victoria which began in 1837 and ended in 1901. This was a time of industrialization, belief in progress, advancements in medical, scientific, and technological knowledge, which helped to changes in population growth and location. The society consisted of class stratified and rigid class systems, where the middle-class aspired to join the ranks of the nobles and felt that acting properly according to the values of the time. An important aspect of this period was the expansion of British imperial power; the British empire significantly expanded their colonial presence in many parts of Africa, India, middle-east, and Asia. Preceding the period of Romanticism, the Victorian Age adapted a new trend of literature. Many novels were published in serial form, along with short stories and poetry. Additionally, writers wrote realistic works, which helped to expand a look at the real world. One of the few notable writers of the time was Christina Rossetti who wrote this poem depicting many themes which were significant during the Victorian Age. Sexuality, gender roles, and prostitution were such issues present during this time. Rossetti used her poetry to express herself, emotions, and beliefs about the society she lived
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