Gender Roles In The Victorian Era

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Gender roles are something that has been very significant for ages and have also played a very important role in how society ran. Gender roles, society and life have changed so much over the years and you can see the difference between things then and now, we must look around and think about everything that is going on and how we can avoid repeating the negative in the past. From the Victorian era to today gender roles have changed significantly, but many things are still the same. Males have always seemed to be higher up or better than females, but during the Victorian era, it was much more obvious compared to know where the discrimination based on gender is much more discrete. During the Victorian era gender roles were very different from now, but then again so were laws…show more content…
Well let’s begin with the obvious, women have so much more freedom than they did then and it wasn’t even 100 years ago when women were treated like complete minorities. During the past 50 years’ or so women have begun to acquire so many more rights and stand up for what they believe in. They have started becoming much more active members of society, women have a much louder voice today and it is normal to see women working and being active members of society. Today woman make up a large percentile of our work force, but even with this being said women are still treated less than compared to men. For instance, if a woman goes out looking for a job in the construction field, more than likely the employer will not hire them if there are males trying to fill the position. Although woman are still kind of expected to be the house keepers and the ones to take care of the children, these tasks are much more evenly distributed between the males and female now days compared to in the Victorian era. In this day and age we also see more single parent household, with more than 30% being male single parent

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