Gender Roles In The World On Turtle's Back

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Women’s place and role in the society is something that has been discussed and changed over time. Should their rights be the same as men’s? Should they be superior? Inferior? The world faces a dilemma on weather they should be or not equal as men. It seems like we arrived at a deadlock, where no progress can be made about it. We still have feminists fighting for their rights, but I doesn’t seem to work that much, although they have much more rights than they had fifty years ago. But the question that remains is: what is women’s and men’s role? In “The World on Turtle’s Back”, we can see an stereotypical view on male and female roles. Women play a role as the annoying wives, whose purpose is to ask their husbands for things and drag them away from the right…show more content…
Or when her husband pushes her away from the sky, because she was being annoying. It makes men mistreating women seem like something normal, acceptable, reasonable. Also, it reinforces the desire of war that men have, and how violent they can be, comming to the point of killing their own brother. There is a huge disparity between male and female gender. While ladies are the creators, they still are seen as weak and passive, while boys are dominant. This idea has been diffused over centuries, but people now are trying to impede gender disparity and efface it. To conclude, we find ourselves on a dilemma. On one side we have machism and men thinking they are better than women and vice versa. On the other, we have people who are just looking for gender equality. But the question is: how can we tell the difference between machism and courtesy? There are a lot of acts which can be seen as machism, when they are only courtesy acts. The same, an argument for machism people is that women should be thankful because machism is just “chivalry”. We need a way out of this
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