Gender Roles In Walt Disney

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“Gender roles are learned through the process of socialization (Anderson, 19).” Construction of gender roles can be done through myths and popular culture. These gender roles influence one’s belief system, as well as creating norms. The norms generated influence and control the way people within the society behave, speak, and dress. The mass media plays a major role in the socialization of our culture essentially influencing the way we think. “Disney is one of six or seven media corporations that really own most of the media that we consume (Su).” The Walt Disney Company has many holdings that include media networks such as ABC and ESPN, parks and resorts, the Walt Disney Studios, and Disney consumer products (Su). Since, Disney is large cooperation this impacts how much we can see from the world. The coverage will be censored meaning not everything about a story will be released. Also, biases may be included in the presentation of the news or other forms of media in which they control, this could impact one’s outlook on society. What the audience will most likely see is anything that benefits their cooperation. This corporation is an essence of our American culture because for many generations children have grown up being influenced by Disney; it is a part of many people’s childhoods and in which they associate with good memories. Disney has made profit in portraying innocence through stereotypical characters. For instance, Snow White is portrayed as virginal, dutiful,
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