Gender Roles In You May Ask Yourself

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In the book “You May Ask Yourself”, they define gender roles as “sets of behavioral norms assumed to accompany one’s status as male or female” (Conley Dalton). Gender roles are a very controversial matter. When people think of males, they automatically think of strong, brave, and the breadwinner. On the other hand, when people think of females they think delicate, housewife, and sensitive. I guarantee that most people in the world have this idea of each gender. Why do we think like that though? I think because since we are born, people treat us differently. If you are male then they expect you to be strong and if you’re a female then you should be pretty. We are brought up to the idea that our moms do all the housework and our dads work outside.…show more content…
However, my dad never cooked. So, since I was a child, I thought that the women always have to do the cooking. Even though, some males are the best cooks in the world. If anybody asked me who was the strongest out of your parents. I would answer my mom. She is brave, strong, and hard working. My point is that there shouldn’t be gender roles. Males and females can do both work without it being weird. Our society has put it in our heads that females have to be pretty and males have to be strong. People judge males when they are open about their feelings or if they cry. Why can’t males show their emotions? We make males believe that they can’t have feelings since they are kids. When a boy cries, then the parents tell the boy to be strong. If a boy takes interest in dressing up, cooking, dancing, or doing housework then why do we automatically think that the boy is gay or not normal. When a female is strong, hardworking, and brave then why do people get shocked. Females and males can do anything they want. People should stop putting labels on the roles. A female shouldn’t be associated with being in the kitchen all the time and a male shouldn’t be associated with being super

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