Gender Roles Involved In Dating Violence

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There are one in four women and about one in seven men that first experienced dating violence between eleven and seventeen years of age (Fifield 1). Domestic violence is being verbally, emotionally, physically, or sexually abused in an intimate relationship. Males are the dominant spouse; the female is the spouse being used. The topic of dating violence has a deep history to consider, and there will always be both supporters and critics who continue to debate this topic.

For most people, if they are involved in violence, no matter what role they play, they will most likely be involved in it later on in life (Fifield 2). The worse the dating violence, the worse the activities you are involved in later in life are. One in ten high school students
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The role of a female is to be the “maid”. The females are told to do whatever the male tells them to do. They have to do anything and everything, even if it is sexual. If the male makes the female do something sexual that she does not really want to do, then it is called rape. Some females end up scarred for life from a man sexually abusing her. So, they end up switching roles to get back at men for treating girls like they do not matter (Fifield 2). Females are supposed to make the supper, clean the house, and take care of the kids/pets. Females are the ones that have to just take what the males want to do to them and how they want to do it. The females have to listen to anything the males say. Female roles are just to be used however the male want them to be used and to be the “maid”.

There are male and female roles in dating violence. Dating violence can be anything from verbal, physical, emotional, or sexually abused in a romantic relationship. Males run the household and make the spouse do what they want them to do. Females are the “maids” of the households. These roles are not always correct, but in most cases these are the

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