World War 2 Gender Roles Essay

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It is apparent that males have always been seen as the dominant and tough gender, while females are seen as the submissive and weak. Males would be the ones to do all the hard labor and work as professionals like business men bringing food to the table while women were expected to stay home, cook and clean for the husband after a long day of work. It was frowned upon if the women ever took the position of man, as it made the male look like the “weak” one. These are the gender roles that have set up the way of living for the longest time. It has never been challenged until recent years, mainly around the World War II era. Women started to take the roles of man, surpassing them in a variety of ways, education, rank in a workforce, etc. Men are now taking “feminine” profession such as nursing and teaching. This is now becoming the norm, showing that it doesn't matter who works and who brings food to the…show more content…
Females used the opportunity of World War II, valuing rosie the riveter, to escape the trapping gender role of a stay at home wife. Ever since then, they have taken every single opportunity they could to improve their well being. One major aspect of this was their will to pursue education. There are more females than males enrolled in college today than there were back in the day. In Morley Winograd and Michael D. Hais article “Race? No, Millennials Care Most About Gender Equality.”, they mention this by stating “The result has been vastly improved educational and income opportunities for women and a greater demand for the abilities to blend work with the rest of life's responsibilities and pleasures from both sexes.”. They express how their motivation to pursue a college degree has been beneficial in many ways, earning them jobs and positions that would never been heard of or allowed in an earlier time. They follow this up stating “The biggest
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