Gender Roles Restricts In The Color Purple

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Why attempt to do anything when gender roles restricts you? In the novel The Color Purple, Alice Walker addresses the fact that gender roles haunt characters and restrain them from doing what they desire. Although characters in the novel solve this problem eventually, gender roles restrict characters such as Celie, Mr._____, Harpo, and many more. For example, Celie has been subservient to everyone in her early ages and Harpo was heavily pressured to attempt to beat Sofia. Characters in this novel act differently because of gender roles and go out of their comfort zone just to fit in. People fall into the trap of gender stereotypes just to feel that they belong to society. However, they can break these roles, allowing one to freely express themselves and for men and women to be equal. Gender stereotypes require people to go out of their way just to feel that they exist. For example, Corrine becomes uncomfortable with the ones of the Olinka. As Nettie, Samuel, and Corrine dwell more in the Olinka tribe, they are exposed to their culture. Even though Samuel and Nettie can tank the new gender roles represented upon them, Corrine cannot, and becomes insecure about the fact that the Olinka view Nettie as Samuel’s second wife. Corrine complains, “Nettie, to stop any confusion in the minds of these people, I think we should call one another brother and sister all the time” (Walker 157). Using the words “brother” and “sister” emphasizes Corrine’s desperation to not be
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