Gender Differences In Gender Role Beliefs

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A gender role is basically a set of social norms prescribing the types of behaviours which are generally considered satisfactory, proper or desirable for people based on their actual or perceived sex or sexuality. Gender roles usually concentrate on the creation of feminist and masculinity, although there are exceptions and changes in their roles and responsibility . The fact about these fact may vary well among cultures, while other characteristic may be common throughout in cultures. The term gender role was first coined by John Money in 1955, during the course of his study of intersex individuals, to describe the manners in which these individuals expressed their status as a male or female. Gender role beliefs refers to the general ability…show more content…
Educated, married men with full time homemaker wives in the USA are less egalitarian in their views than younger, unmarried, more educated, high status men with full-time employed wives. The labour market participation of women has increased in the past few decades in industrial societies. This development has the potential to influence beliefs about gender roles and the division of labour housework, and child-care. Most of the published studies regarding gender differences in gender-role beliefs have found that women generally hold more egalitarian gender-role beliefs than men Majority, talks are the about feminist movement, have led made efforts to change aspects of society prevailing in gender roles. At last I would like to say that gender and sex are not interchangeable terms, neither are gender development and sexual development…show more content…
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