Gender Roles Synthesis

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Gender Roles in society is used to label a specific gender to have one specific role. Men are supposed to be the dominant one to go to work all day and put food on the table. Meanwhile, the women are the ones staying home and caring for the children. But times have changed and now gender roles are evolving. I agree that gender roles have changed dramatically over the course of history because financial benefits come forth when women work, and women are also outperforming males in academics. On the contrary, one could argue that gender roles have not evolved
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Back in the past, in the era of the play Much Ado About Nothing, Benedick is expecting Beatrice to be submissive and not talk to a man that way and he gives her a hard time about her speaking her mind. On page 13, he says, “I wish my horse moved as fast as you're mouth and was as tireless.” Benedick starts off and says she runs her mouth a lot and doesn’t seem to stop. Although this was the case back then, now women are more prideful of speaking their minds and being able to do as they please. According to Source 4, “Twenty five years ago when I started I would ask the women in my classes, ‘What does it mean to be a woman?’ And they would say, ‘Well you have to be nice and pretty and smile a lot’ And you ask them now, you know what they say? ‘I can be anything I want. I can do anything.” Women now are no longer subjects to the males, the are evolving in terms of gender roles and can become anything they please since they are outperforming males.
There are many examples on how gender roles have changed in society dramatically. However, one might imply that women working has a toll on the children at home. According to Source 2, on the bar graphs, 74% of people agree that having a job makes it harder to raise children since their mom is going to be busy most of the time. Regardless, this argument is not correct to make due to the fact that moms are working to provide for
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For instance, in the past women were expected to only be allowed to marry, and were given a hard time for expressing thoughts they felt the need to share. Fortunately, times change and now women have evolved into more significant figures in society that are gaining economic benefits for their families and outperforming males in academics. However, many believe that gender roles haven’t changed and that women should not work regardless of the economic benefits so the children won’t have a toll. Clearly, gender roles have changed, and the counter is invalid since economic benefits will only increase to give children positive outcomes to live a stable, and happy life with their
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