Cause And Effect Of The Glass Ceiling

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A set of societal norms have now been dictating the types of behaviors which are generally considered acceptable which is based on their sexuality called gender roles. Our culture has now been taking over the perspective on which is masculine and which is feminine. Today, culture would tell us that masculine roles are usually associated with strength; aggression and dominance while feminine roles are associated with nurturing, subordination and passivity. Due to this concept, society has accepted the fact on how people are supposed to act and how to behave. Times have changed significantly since men were labeled to be the breadwinner and women focused on good housekeeping and child bearing. Labeling today has become critical but little do people…show more content…
Women’s work is devalued by the economic account for their unpaid work. The Glass Ceiling – an invisible barrier that hinders women from advancing over men – shows that whether women may be rising in the labor market participation over the decades, their performance still remains worse than that of men. Research says (OECD, 2007) in certain countries 20% fewer women than men have jobs and female employment rates and wages are more than 25% lower than those of their male counterparts. The wage gap between men and women persists even with no clear explanation. (Sir, should I include effects of the glass ceiling? And how do I explain a graph inside a study to interpret it here?)
Discrimination and disparities in the labor market such as the unequal treatment of equally productive individuals only because they belong to a specific group might be one of the causes of these large and nonsense distinctions. This has been stopping women from climbing higher success in the
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It starts off with toys and colors introduced to children. Stereotypes would say that blue indicates a boy and pink indicates a girl since blue represents masculinity and pink represents femininity. Girls were hardly ever given the freedom to choose their toys but instead were given the stereotypical dolls and cooking stations but never tanks, robots or guns. Boys are encouraged to pick on other boys if they are playing with a baby doll in the same way girls pick on other girls if they would want to play with a football or a toy gun. After learning gender-appropriate behaviors through the repeated patterns of reinforcement, children learn to label “girl” or “boy” as associated with the encouraged behaviors. Since then, men have this powerful belief about how to be a man. O’Neil (1981) coined the term masculine mystique – a developmental process where boys acquire gender roles that lead to psychological distress. For example, the traditional masculinity is that mean should restrict their public expression of affection for other men (Brooks & Good, 2001). This adds to their fear of how society will react to verbal expressions of affection, admiration, or love for other men and some men have learned to avoid these behaviors and exhibit a more tolerant image. Unfortunately, while this can protect a man from negative reactions from others, it can also have negative effects on the closeness of their interpersonal

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