Gender Schema Theory: Gender Identity And Social Identity

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Identity is the individual’s psychological relationship to particular social category systems. Gender Identity is increasingly recognized as a ground of discrimination on which specific protection is required, especially for those teenagers. Most gender diverse young people experience the same range of mental health concerns as their gender-conforming peers. These people may, however, experience a range of stressful occurrences that can increase their risk of depression, anxiety, self-harm, and suicide. Gender Identity is an individual’s internal experience of their gender and is not necessarily defined by their biological sex as assigned to at birth. Gender is a personal identity influenced by culture and personal experiences, while sex…show more content…
Although societies differ in the specific task they assign to the two sexes (male and female), all societies allocate adult roles on the basis of sex and anticipate this allocation in the socialization of their children. Not only are boys and girls expected to acquire sex-specific self-concepts and personality attributes, to be masculine or feminine as defined by that particular culture (Barry, Bacon and Child, 1957. P.354). The process by which by which a society thus transmutes male and female into masculine and feminine is known as the process of sex…show more content…
Gender identity has been defined in several ways, including comfort with one’s gender, self-perception of adherence to gender stereotypes, and internalized social pressure for conforming to gender stereotypes. According to the Journal and Reseach on Gender and Adolescent Development, there are several problems with this practice. First, it involves inferring gender identity from self-perceived gender typing, and one cannot test such theories without distinguishing the two constructs conceptually and empirically. Second, because the degree to which a person is male typical (or female typical) in one domain is not highly correlated with how male typical the person in other domain. (Egan and Perry,
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