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In the 21st century, the words gender and sex have a fine line of difference between them. Though the words might look same but one is used to depict the social status and the other one is used to depict the biological status. Where 'Sex' talks more basically about the physical traits, 'Gender' carries a social tone. We have things decided for us even before we are born. Our food choice, clothes, school, name, career, etc. is decided by others and we have no say in it. We already get our lives shaped by our biological identity, and with time, we must also adapt ourselves to the societal demands, desires etc. We are dressed or asked to behave according to our biological identity and this gives rise to the difference between sex
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The gender is based on prevalent socio-cultural model that decides how men and women must dress, behave, etc. Sex is mainly controlled by the hormones which play a major role in sex differentiation.

Men and women are very similar in so many aspects these days, but there are these slight differences that still shows the difference in them. From early stages girls and boys are treated in different ways. Girls are seen as more delicate and are given toys like dolls and kitchen sets to play with. They are urged to act in a slick, calm and appropriate way. Boys are given toys like trucks and weapons and are urged to be more dynamic. Parental impact is great during early stages and early adolescence however by 5 to 6 years, friends, school and media impact assume control. There are many ways by which girls and boys are relied upon to carry on among their friends and deviation from this part can prompt to being excluded. It is very clear that women are more cared for and parents like to keep them within walls more compared to men as they think women are too weak or vulnerable. Women enjoy being at public places more compared to men and they love to socialize too whereas a
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The societal image of a woman is of a well-dressed being with great poise and posture and with the finest set of manners. Men are expected to be physically strong, emotionally stronger too, and may or may not have the gentlemen qualities. While research studies have shown that women will probably look for restorative help than men. The evidences set forward to show this include women are more sick with non-fatal diseases. Conditions like depression are more observed in women. Adverts for antidepressants for the most part utilize women. They have been labelled as being more influenced by it. Another view is that women go to healthcare facilities for obstetric conditions which are not technical illnesses as giving birth to a child is a natural life progression. When women do not dress as per the so-called societal norms, they are questioned and criticized but men do not have anything restricting their lifestyle. Women working outside the house is still considered a taboo in so many places of the world even now and men are only supposed to work outside, and not in homes. Sex is a concept developed by birth, as it is a biological
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