Gender Stereotypes And Gender Roles In The Media

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Gender roles in media:
Media, itself plays a massive role in creating social norms and stereotypes for every individual of the society as it has the power to do so. Through various means and form of television, advertisement and films, they portray gender discrimination and gender inequality ranging for viewers such as children and adults. This forms a stimulus for them to form a certain type of perception regarding the level of difference between a male and a female in a society. Although time has brought a significant amount of change yet, there has been under-representation of females as compared to men in every field and also they have been given under-representation in the key decision making roles in media institutions. According to an analysis by UK think- tank policy exchange, in the year 2016 women had only 25% of the board membership of the country’s four major broadcasters.
The reason why the impact of media on individuals is so solid because the members of the society tend to develop their ethic/cultural values, norms and their set standards of behaviour as well as the process to view the world through learning from their social environment and their social experience. More importantly, media is also responsible for inculcating those certain rigid values which are main stream values created by the very own society in which we live in. As a conclusion, individuals who are uncovered to the impact of mass media from childhood acquire cultural norms and values

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