Gender Stereotypes During The Victorian Era

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Gender stereotypes are beliefs about the entire gender based on certain characteristics. These stereotypes are generalized beliefs on masculinity and femininity. Overall these stereotypes may not always be true. Men and women may both have many characteristics that fall under the gender stereotype but this is not always the case.

Many gender stereotypes come from the 19th century/Victorian era(Brannon). These gender stereotypes were true during this time but our society has changed. One gender stereotype that is no longer true is that men should make more money than woman. This stereotype is no longer the norm in our society. Women have overcome this stereotype by working more hours and therefore being able to receive promotions. Today many new gender stereotypes are taught by parents and grandparents to children. Video games are new and have a masculine stereotype. This stereotype comes from parents telling their daughters that they should not play video games since its not for their gender.

Culture plays an important role in shaping gender stereotypes. We listen to what others say about gender stereotypes and in turn will start thinking like that. If our culture stood up to
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One gender stereotype is about jobs. Women are supposed to have “clean” jobs while men are supposed to have “dirty jobs”. This stereotype originated from men being given jobs outside while women worked at home and cared for children. Another gender stereotype discussed in this course is that boys are good at math and girls are not. This stereotype came from boys going to college and advancing their careers while women did not need an education. The last gender stereotype is that women sing and dance while men play sports. This stereotype came from girls needing to be ladylike and not play rough. These gender stereotypes can be overcome by women who step out and do “what they aren’t supposed to do” or men who do the
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