Gender Ideologies In Advertising

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In this swift and modern society, advertising is believed to have played a considerable part in human’s daily life by rapidly providing them with the latest information of products which meet their quality requirements. Among tremendous means of advertisement, TV may be considered the most substantial one having a wild field of influence on the customer’s perspective. However, behind each advertising, there are obviously underlying messages which not everyone can fully comprehend. Personally, I claim that TV advertisements do include some gender ideologies, especially for women when they are normally represented as sex objects or housewives, etc.; meanwhile; men are portrayed to be jurisdictional with their careers. In order to clarify my argument, I would like to study rigorously four TV advertisements which illustrate…show more content…
The male sex here is definitely a “real” man who is handsome, attractive and is portrayed as the dynamic, elegant and successful seducer with a branded car and a charming woman by his side. It can be said that, in this advertisement, a woman’s role is claimed to be merely a decorate item or a sex object, which is totally dissimilar from the first two blurbs above. The woman here is illustrated as a weaker sex who is physically sexy and beautiful in a red dress and lipstick. She gets impressed by that wonderful man, seemingly pays so much attention to him in every activity that in a party, she is accidentally pushed to fall by the waiter but is luckily helped by the man she admires. It is alleged that gender ideology appears here when the woman’s role turns to beauty purpose, which only supports to draw customers’ attraction and enhance the effectiveness for the advertising. Conversely, as mentioned above, the male sex is always presented with all the greatest things from appearance, occupation to social
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