Gender Stereotypes In Advertising

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Stereotypes are oversimplified notions of members belonging to a particular group. Many ethnic groups, women and elderly claim that TV and movies either misrepresent them or ignore them. It is a common observation that females are generally seen in commercials relating to cleaning, beauty products, hygiene, cooking, etc., whereas males are dominantly seen in advertisements for cars, travel and financial services.
Indian TV and movies continuously represent and reinforce the stereotypes of gender roles, appearance, race, etc. Many of the daily soaps show women in stereotypical sacrificing, dependent, emotional and sentimental roles. While most of the women are depicted as housewives, the rest are depicted in jobs or professions stereotypical to women like teacher, flight attendant, dress designer, etc. Whereas, men are depicted as businessmen, doctors, industrialists, police officers, etc. that shows them as dominant and independent. Also, if a woman is portrayed as independent then she has to be the villain most of the times.
Mallika Das (2011), in her study 'Gender Role Portrayals in Indian Television Ads ', selected 318 random TV commercials from India and analyzed them to examine the depiction of gender roles in ads. It was reported that 43.2% characters were females while 56.8% were males. Only 7% women were projected as employed as compared to 23.9% males. While 16.1% of men were portrayed as authority figures, only 10% of women were represented as having some

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