Gender Stereotypes In Advertising

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Media is an important area of study since it has the power to represent what is socially acceptable’ (Carter & Steiner 2004). Media content influences the way we perceive reality and also contributes to transmitting shaping gender roles. Despite their crucial role in our modern high-tech society, men are not represented in the media according to their number, to their social involvement, to their real life. There is a gap between what the reality of men’s and women’s lives in Pakistan and how they appear in and through the media.

The aim of this study is to contribute to the existing body of research about gender stereotypes in advertising in Pakistani media by examining men’s portrayal in electronic advertisements. As “Gender issues in advertising have been an increasingly interesting topic for researchers since the 1960s (Eisend, 2010). It is intended to explore how men are shown in the commercial, what feelings and opinions they evoke and whether advertisement show powerful influence in creating the men’s identity and are they aware of specific gender role portrayals used in advertisements.
The importance of this study is because of two reasons: First, Gender studies in media mostly concern the feminine perspective, and how women are portrayed. Mostly it focuses on the negative aspects of women’s portrayal, rarely the positive. It rarely pays attention to how men are portrayed. If at all it is mentioned but not debated to the same length. Furthermore,

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