Gender Stereotypes In Australia

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“When you were born they put you in a little box and slapped a label on it. But if we begin to notice these categories no longer fit us, maybe it’ll mean that we’ve finally arrived—just unpacking the boxes, making ourselves at home.” Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows In a world full of societal ideals and pressures it is hard to track back to where they all began to be imposed. Stereotypes delve much f extremely young age and significantly influence our future. Gender stereotypes are imposed on us at a very raw and young age, from the day your parents decorated their daughter’s nursurther into our past, lying in the depths of our unconscious mind at anery with pink and floral patterns or their son’s with blue and dinosaurs, gender stereotypes have already been established.…show more content…
Men are not expected to cry and as a consequence of this stereotype, they learn to bottle up emotions at a young age, quickly losing a valuable outlet for coping with problems and paving the way for future mental health problems such as depression and anxiety caused by the building up of negative emotions. Female gender stereotyping is also potentially harmful and displays rarely obtainable images of an expected female body image causing 70% of adolescent girls in Australia to have body dissatisfaction. Body dissatisfaction is identified in the Mission Australia Youth Survey (2013) as one of the top ranked issue of concern for young people, this has to be changed .Negative gender stereotyping is one of the main factors influencing gendered body image and is fundamentally intertwined with the development of body images throughout the ages. The unrealistic body images portrayed by both genders in the media have long term impacts on an adolescent’s self-esteem and future, so take a long look at yourself in the mirror and learn to love what you

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